Thursday, April 19, 2007

NBC's Talking Head

A small quibble for NBC News President Steve Capus: When The New York Times story of Cho Seung-Hui’s package mentions you more times than the killer (7 to 6), you may want to rethink your visibility.

This month Capus has been seen and heard almost as often as his anchors, not only last night solemnly describing the network’s dilemma over Cho’s gift package but throughout the Imus affair telling Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, David Gregory et al about his inner struggles over the decision to fire his wayward money-maker.

Somebody in the PR Department has been hyperactive as well, distributing head shots of Capus as a well as a photo of him in a smiling tete-a-tete with Al Sharpton.

The sincerity of your Imus firing in response to his colleagues’ complaints rather than advertisers’ and your anguish over showing the Cho videos is doubted by few, but in the future it might be a little less grating to let “the talent” do the talking.

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