Wednesday, April 25, 2007

No Farewell to Arms

A week after we learned his name and spent an evening watching him display his weapons, Cho Seung-hui has slipped from sight, and everything is back to normal.

The rights of America’s gun owners are in no danger.

The National Rifle Association is maintaining a pleased silence, letting Presidential candidates and Congressional leaders do the work of discouraging new gun-control laws while one of its constituents, the Virginia Citizens Defense League, tells us the real lesson of what happened at Virginia Tech--a lack of guns on the campus.

The unarmed students, a spokesman explains, “were helpless little sheep, waiting to die.”

An obviously un-American cabal, Mayors Against Illegal Weapons, is running TV commercials urging repeal of a law that prevents Federal authorities from sharing information with local police, but the NRA is on the case, opposing such tyranny “to protect the privacy of gun owners.”

The ads were on the networks last weekend, but not in Wichita, Kansas, where a patriotic programming director stood firm against such “misleading” propaganda.

The Founding Fathers can rest easy. Our Second Amendment right to bear arms is in no danger.

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