Thursday, March 06, 2008

Family Counseling for the McCains

Irony is now officially dead as Karl Rove advises John McCain in today's Wall Street Journal to "share a personal narrative about his life, values and inner beliefs" with voters.

Eight years ago, Rove and his crew concocted their own for McCain and shared it widely in South Carolina before the 2000 primaries that helped seal the nomination for George W. Bush--a man emotionally damaged by his years as a POW with a wife addicted to pain killers, the father of an illegitimate, interracial child.

As recently as last June, Mrs. McCain told a reporter that her family was still dealing with the "emotional fallout," that Bridget, their adopted daughter who was born in Bangladesh and was then 15, learned about the accusations while Googling her own name and went to her mother in tears.

“She wanted to know why President Bush hated her,” Mrs. McCain said. “And I had to explain to her that it wasn’t the president that hated her, that no one hates her...I had to explain to her how nasty campaigns can be.”

Now Bush is embracing McCain in the Rose Garden, and Rove is telling him how to swiftboat Obama and Clinton. "Nasty" seems like a pale word.

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