Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Obama's Move to Disarm Clinton

If he wants to end it sooner than later, Barack Obama should announce now that he intends to ask Hillary Clinton to share the Democratic ticket with him.

Clinton herself opened the door for such an invitation today. Asked about the possibility on CBS' "Early Show," she answered "that may be where this is headed, but of course we have to decide who is on the top of the ticket."

That decision has already been made by the voters and, in the coming days, will be ratified by the defection of superdelegates. With her "35 years of experience," Hillary Clinton is a seasoned enough politician to know that.

For his part, Obama has been reaching out far enough to indicate that he might ask Republicans like Chuck Hagel and Dick Lugar to serve in his cabinet as Secretaries of Defense and State. Making a move toward Clinton would not be that much of a stretch for a candidate whose theme has been uniting the country.

He can start with the Democratic Party. A declaration that he wants Hillary Clinton to run with him need not be coupled with the demand for an immediate answer, but it would relieve Obama of any pressure to go negative against Clinton and help disarm her recent tendency to tear him down.

In 2000, George W. Bush claimed he was a uniter. This year, Obama can prove that he is one and go a long way toward the White House by doing it.


Liza said...

I believe you are essentially right. However, do you not think that Hillary's trashing of Obama has already gone too far to give an Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama ticket any credibility?

She has accused him of having no experience and basing his whole campaign on one speech. She has stated that McCain has more to offer. She has ridiculed him non-stop and also attempted character assassination.

Will the voters buy a kiss and make up fest?

I certainly won't.

GiromiDe said...


Didn't voters already do this in 1980 with Reagan/Bush?

I think you give voters too much credit when it comes to long term memory. Regardless, if Clinton were the lead candidate, Obama makes too much sense at the running mate because he can deliver those much-needed independent voters that are being courted by both he and McCain. Now, if Obama were the lead candidate, he would do better picking a more conservative Democrat or independent to balance his ticket.

Obama and Huckabee are running mates presents the possibility of far more engaging debates compared to their respective lead candidates. I'd rather watch them try to outspeak each other than Clinton and McCain stiff and stumble their way through a debate.

Liza said...

I don't remember what Reagan and Bush said about each other prior to becoming running mates. I paid very little attention to Republican primaries back then. Was it as bad as what Hillary is doing to Obama?

But maybe you're right about the voters. Maybe they will think that Hillary and Obama together are just great.

I think that the concept of an African American being president is very fragile to begin with. Obama is above the race barrier because of his intelligence and his excellent oratory skills. With Hillary relentlessly trashing him, telling people not to listen to "empty rhetoric" and so on, I have to wonder if the damage is irreparable in the minds of some because this is not the usual run of the mill white guy.

I'm really angry about what Hillary is doing to Obama. If her "lifetime of experience" is so substantive and compelling, then why must she trash him?

I see a point of no return in this, but perhaps we are not there yet. I just don't know.

I agree that a debate between McCain and Clinton will be a real non event. A couple of old party warhorses spewing talking points, that's all it will be.