Thursday, March 27, 2008

Trapped in Bush's Old Movie

Muqtada al Sadr is splintering the peace in Baghdad and Basra, militias are murdering and looting, but our toy soldier President is still out speechifying to captive stateside military audiences about how splendidly the war is going and belaboring Congressional Democrats for "hectoring" Iraqi leaders as they "try to work out their differences."

After five years, over 4000 American lives and half a trillion dollars, George W. Bush has no patience for critics whose "prescription is always the same: retreat." Today he ridicules anti-war Democrats: "They claim that our strategic interest is elsewhere and if we would just get out of Iraq, we could focus on the battles that really matter."

Then the President sets them straight: "If America's strategic interests are not in Iraq, the convergence point for the twin threats of al Qaeda and Iran, the nation Osama bin Laden's deputy has called the place for the greatest battle, the country at the heart of the most volatile region on earth, then where are they?"

The critics could furnish him with a list, starting with Afghanistan, Pakistan and homeland security, but that might intrude on George W. Bush's fantasy life.

With every passing day, he is looking more like the deluded character in "Arsenic and Old Lace" who thinks he's Teddy Roosevelt and keeps running up the stairs with a saber, yelling "Charge!" and the rest of us feel trapped in his bad movie praying for the lights to come back on.


Anonymous said...

I heard him say the Democrats were "hectoring" the Iraqi leaders. That word just jumped out at me when I heard him say it.

Also, I was wondering where he was making that speech. Because he was in full throttle cowboy mode. Speaking in that fake southern drawl, eyes all squinty. Such a cocky SOB. I really hate wishing time away, but 1/20/09 cannot come soon enough.

Anonymous said...

"Hectoring?" What's Bill Safire doing these days?

Anonymous said...

Blue Girl: I agree -- Bush's use of "hectoring" really jumped out, probably because he mispronounced the word. It came out more like "heckering," almost a cross between "heckling" and "hectoring."

I also enjoyed Bush's goofy use of hard numbers fun, like the 5-K race in Anbar and the more than 180 soccer games Gen. Odierno counted (I'd like to know how!) as he was flying out of Baghdad.

Anonymous said...

Hi grace,

"probably because he mispronounced the word. It came out more like "heckering," almost a cross between "heckling" and "hectoring." "

Yes! The TV was on and I was walking into the kitchen when he said that. And I thought, "What did that goof say now?!" And then I sneered in his general direction.

You know, decent people can mangle the English language 24/7 and it might seem to be a charming thing.

But, Bush is no decent person.