Thursday, March 06, 2008

Florida and Michigan: The Children's Hour

We're in the Democratic sandbox again, with the kiddies wrestling over the toys and their National Committee nannies telling them to play nice and follow the rules.

But Florida (Republican) Governor Charlie Krist and Michigan's Jennifer Granholm are being soccer moms asking for the scores to count, even if their little angels were a bit out of bounds. The Obamas are yelling foul, and the Clintons are in cheerleading mode.

How the hell do we get into these messes? Is there something in Democratic genes that foredooms us to internecine strife and sibling bickering?

Now that Florida and Michigan have smashed their primary playthings, do we buy them new ones or send them to their rooms without dinner? What's the best way to teach them to share with others?

Beats me, but the party elders better get Uncle Al Gore and any other sane relatives they can find to arbitrate this bickering before the rest of the country decides that Grandpa John McCain doesn't look so bad after all.

One solution might be to take away half of the kids' allowances and make them promise never to do it again, but if history is any guide, they will keep squabbling until bedtime.

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