Friday, March 21, 2008

A Super-Endorsement

Barack Obama gains more than another super-delegate today as Gov. Bill Richardson endorses him for President.

The former UN ambassador under Bill Clinton was under pressure from the former President, who watched the Super Bowl with him last month, to endorse Hillary Clinton, whom he defended against attacks in the Presidential debates when he was a candidate.

But according to his planned statement, Richardson has made a choice that goes beyond past loyalties and even self-interest (he was widely regarded as a possible running mate for Hillary):

“There is no doubt in my mind that Barack Obama has the judgment and courage we need in a commander in chief when our nation’s security is on the line. He showed this judgment by opposing the Iraq war from the start, and he has shown it during this campaign by standing up for a new era in American leadership internationally.”

At a time when he is under pressure from the Rev. Jeremiah Wright fallout, the endorsement is encouraging for Obama, who greets it with a warm response:

“Whether it’s fighting to end the Iraq war or stop the genocide in Darfur or prevent nuclear weapons from falling into the hands of terrorists, Gov. Richardson has been a powerful voice on issues of global security, peace and justice, earning five Nobel Peace Prize nominations.”

He will also be a powerful voice among Hispanic voters, who so far have been significant supporters of Hillary Clinton.


Watch 'n Wait said...

For Richardson to endorse Obama is a marvelous compliment to Obama. Before he dropped out, I had planned to vote for Richardson for president. He's certainly worthy of the honor and we do need such a fine diplomat working. I believe he'd make a perfect VP to Obama's presidency.

Anonymous said...

I thought Bill Richardson advocated the position that superdelegates should endorse the winner of their states' primaries. And, of course, the Obama campaign exerted no pressure at all on Richardson!