Friday, March 21, 2008

Opinionated Polling

The friendly folks at Fox News have developed a sudden strong interest in the concept of friendship, and today their pollster reports:

"All in all, Americans think your choice in friends says a lot about you: Almost 7 of 10 say they think the people you choose to be your friends reflect on you and your values. And 39 percent say your friends reflect on you 'a lot.'"

These philosophical reflections arise from their poll that shows that "57 percent of Americans do not believe Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama shares the controversial views of his former spiritual mentor the Rev. Jeremiah Wright," but "a sizable minority has doubts about Obama because of his pastor’s comments."

This follows last month's revelation that Hillary Clinton is the candidate who would "do anything," including something unethical, to win the presidency and, if elected, the most likely to embarrass the country by her actions in the Oval Office.

No word yet about a poll that solicits voters' views on aging candidates who can't keep the names of our enemies in Iraq straight.

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