Sunday, April 01, 2007

Love Story

If you were searching for the script of a modern romance with New Age touches, the web site of a second-tier Presidential candidate would be the last place to look.

Yet here it is: Sixty-one-year-old Denis Kucinich, a vegan, of single-digitdom in the polls, smiling into the camera next to his beautiful wife, Elizabeth, half his age and inches taller with waist-length red hair, to illustrate an article titled, “How We Found Each Other.”

The plot is a killer: Idealistic truck-driver’s kid fights his way up to become youngest Mayor of Cleveland, goes to Congress and runs for President. Sheltered British girl grows up in a village cottage, tending flowers and stray animals, then after volunteer work in India and Tanzania, comes to America to work for good causes.

They meet, lightning strikes, e-mails follow and, after talking all night by Shirley MacLaine’s New Mexico fireplace, decide to marry.

Will they end up starry-eyed in the White House? Probably not, but bring on Robert De Niro and Nicole Kidman, and let the cameras roll.

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