Thursday, March 13, 2008

Salvation for Democrats

Is it time for Howard Dean to call in the party's Three Wise Men to build an ark and save the Democrats from a flood of Biblical proportions?

Mixed metaphors seem an apt response to the confusing news that one out of four Florida Democrats is incensed enough over the primary re-vote issue to consider skipping the ballot in November or casting it for McCain.

As today's Sunshine State pols argue bitterly, Dean is way over his head in trying to mediate a solution. One quick fix would be to turn to the party elders--Lee Hamilton, who has studied everything from 9/11 to Iraq; George Mitchell, the savior of major-league baseball from steroid users; and Jimmy Carter, who specializes in guaranteeing the fairness of elections in the Third World.

Older, wiser heads behind the wheel might slow down or stop the partisan bickering that threatens to drive Democrats off a cliff as it did in the unruly 1968 convention. If the party doesn't change direction, the country could be heading for the abyss of another war-loving, economically tone-deaf Republican administration.

The Obama and Clinton campaigns may want to think long and hard about whether there is any salvation for anybody in that.


GRCOH said...

The partisan bickering just seems to go on and on. I think the only solution would be to come up with a dream team ticket.

Just think about the speech that Sen. Clinton made touting her experience, and touting Sen. McCain's experience and then saying all that Sen. Obama had was a speech he made in 2002.

Isn't the dream team to end all dream teams obvious? And it would end partisan bickering! You just have to decide if you want Clinton on top or McCain on top.

Liza said...

I want Obama on top and I want Clinton to go back to New York or wherever.

Obama is ahead by every metric you can think of.

Clinton should be the one to exit stage right.

And, it is Clinton who is doing the bickering.

Anonymous said...

Fallen woman syndrome seems to be a classic dysfunction of society that aids male bonding, and prevents women from challenging male authority.

Rachel Jackson had the same problem in the days of President Jackson's campaign.

The public since the days of Christ seem always ready to condemn the female, not the male. Hence disparity exists in application of laws like John school vs jail for women in the two person crime of prostitution, for example, where it is not the sex that is illegal but the transfer of cash (for sex) that is illegal.

Holding men up has long been the preference even when they fall; while watching women fall appears to be a sport that males enjoy, and may be why pornography contains female violence in the first place.

While it isn't natural, it is accepted, tolerated, and encouraged by men, and occasionally by male-oriented socially conditioned women. That it is dysfunctional doesn't appear to register with men, or society at large.