Tuesday, June 19, 2007

ABC's Terrorist PR

No American graduation ceremony has been as well covered as that of the Al Qaeda/Taliban training camp shown by ABC on its network news last evening.

The terrorist publicists must be thrilled with the PR return on inviting "a Pakistani journalist" to videotape their staged proceedings.

In passing, the network's promotion of its exclusive noted that "U.S. intelligence officials described the event as another example of 'an aggressive and sophisticated propaganda campaign.' "

So it was. The "intelligence officials" will be studying it, as they should, but why were millions of American TV viewers exposed to it. There was an uproar when the Bush Administration tried to pass off its political videos as news. Are terrorists a more credible source?


Watch 'n Wait said...

Off topic, but the NY Times has just posted an article about Mayor Bloomberg...who has switched his party from Repub to Independent! Be interesting to see where this leads...

Lynne said...

I suspect the media are ramping up the fear factor as a prelude to a false flag operation on American soil.