Friday, June 15, 2007

Can't Wait

Hillary Clinton’s campaign, according to Politico, is going into the 24/7 news business in a big way with their own All-Hillary-All-the-Time versions of tabloid newspapers and news sites like, um, the Drudge Report.

"In an ideal world, every single one of our supporters would wake up in the morning and go to HillaryHub to find out what the latest news on Hillary is," says its creator, Clinton adviser Howard Wolfson.

But there will be MSM look-alikes, too. "I grew up in New York reading tabloids; my dream job is to edit the New York Post," Wolfson said. "So we set up something that has a little of that flavor and feel to it.”

No word yet about whether there will be Hillary doughnuts and Hillary coffee to go with the news feeds.

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