Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sound of High-Heeled Shoes Dropping

Gallant as always, the Bushies have apparently thrown a couple of women to Congressional investigators by letting subpoenas be served on Harriet Meirs and Karl Rove's assistant, Sara Taylor.

But the bloodhounds won't be thrown off the scent until they get to Rove himself in the trail of the U. S. Attorney firings. Now that they have sniffed their way inside the White House, there won't be much space left for hiding.

The Master Strategist may want to mull over how much it helped Alberto Gonzales when they pushed his assistants in front of the oncoming train. Gonzales and Rove may continue to serve at the pleasure of the President until he leaves the White House, but if evidence of criminal activity comes out, there may be other places in which to serve after January 2009.

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