Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hillary's Drudges

What do you call a web site that attacks John Edwards, Mike Bloomberg, Ralph Nader, Chris Matthews and, most of all, Barack Obama? The Drudge Report? Wrong. Try “Hillary Is 44.”

Against a deceptively demure pink background, anonymous admirers of Sen. Clinton sling dirt and invective at anyone who stands in her way, most of all Obama, with allegations and insinuations while projecting her political sainthood.

“In tone the site is very Tokyo Rose,” opines Peggy Noonan, admittedly no Hillary fan but not averse to the idea of a woman as President.

The “44” stands for 44th President. In one of their milder posts, admirers unveil Clinton’s one-word slogan: “Ready.” If the site is any indication, it will be followed by “Aim, Fire.”

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