Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bush: Saving the Never-to-Be-Born

Give the man credit for his convictions. The President’s reverence for life is so profound that he will take political heat not only to defend the unborn but the never-to-be born.

Today’s veto of the stem-cell research bill will save embryos no longer needed in fertility clinics. In his view, somebody has to stand up for such unfortunates in the face of the Godless who cruelly want to use them for research to combat Parkinson's disease, spinal cord injuries and strokes.

In supporting such legislation, former First Lady Nancy Reagan is surely missing the point. As much as she loved her late husband, would she have wanted him helped at the cost of degrading the value of human life? If she is interested, the President would undoubtedly be willing to explain this sacred principle to her.

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Lynne said...

For someone whose reverence for life is so profound, he certainly has caused a lot of death in Iraq. But then, as Al Franken pointed out, the sanctity of life begins at conception and ends at birth.