Monday, June 11, 2007

Novak's Lost Faith in Bush

Disillusion is always saddening and, in the case of Robert Novak, it’s positively heart-breaking.

His column in today’s Washington Post is filled with wounded rue. Hiding his feelings behind such entities as the Republican “base” and “insiders,” Novak reports,” The White House is not a happy place for the people working there.”

Chief among the complaints is Bush’s failure to consider a pardon for faithful Scooter while standing by Alberto, “an embarrassment to the party.”

What Novak seems to be missing is that “embarrassment” may be a happier option for the President than the alternative--letting him go and having him recover his memory (and maybe even e-mails) about Karl Rove’s role in firing the U.S. Attorneys.

Novak is sounding more and more like a left-leaning blogger these days, but he seems to be holding on to a glimmer of hope that Fred Thompson can make all the pain go away.

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