Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Obama Moves Up in Polls--and Money

The race for the Democratic nomination is now a virtual tie, according to USA Today. But bigger news may be coming.

Long-time Clinton friend James Carville predicts that, when second quarter fund-raising figures are released, “Obama’s number’s going to shock people. It’s going to be something that we’ve never seen before in American politics, if what I’m told by all sides is true.”

With her lead dwindling to one percentage point and campaign money moving toward her challenger, most likely in small amounts from large numbers of supporters, Sen. Clinton may be facing her first crisis of the ’08 marathon.

On Meet the Press Sunday, asked about possible “Clinton fatigue,” Carville predicted a “classic confrontation” in the Democratic Party of the “Protestant work ethic against somebody coming in with something new. Obama keeps pushing the envelope.”

How will Hillary Clinton push back?

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