Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Ecology of Coulter-Edwards

Science defines mutualism, one form of symbiosis, as “an interaction between two or more species, where both derive benefit.” Think bees and flowers.

In putting the relationship of Ann Coulter and John Edwards under the microscope, another example seems more apt: the birds that eat parasites off crocodiles and are in turn protected from predators by their hosts’ giant jaws.

The gnashing of Coulter’s mandibles against him have not only nourished her notoriety (and lecture fees) but served as a fund-raising boon for Edwards.

When she called him a “faggot” in March, his campaign converted it into $300,000 in contributions. This week, when Elizabeth Edwards protested Coulter’s remark about wishing “he had been killed in a terrorist assassination plot," the fund-raisers went into high gear and raised more money than from any previous e-mail campaign.

So we have here another instance of Nature’s grand design, in which two victims of Reverse Attention Deficit Disorder serve to ease each other’s affliction.


Ron Chusid said...

The big puzzle about Ann Coulter is to what degree she believes what she says, and to what degree it is all an act. I sometimes suspect that people like Coulter and Limbaugh don't believe a word they say, and are laughing all the way to the bank at their followers. Does Coulter say off the wall things because she is crazy, or because it helps sell her books? Either way, I wish she'd clearn up her act or shut up.

John Edwards has certainly taken advantage of this, but I can't blame him. Taking on Ann Coulter and Fox News is hardly sufficient to qualify him for support, but I'll still back him on these specific issues.

mw said...


You are on the right track here, but I don't think you take it far enough.

Coulter benefits from the exchange by selling books.

Edwards benefits from the exchange by raising contributions.

Chris Matthews benefits from the exchange by increasing viewership and ad revenue.

Robert Stein benefits from the exchange by posting about it and stimulating interest in his blogs (and ads).

MW benefits from the exchange by commenting on the blog and siphoning traffic to his site to view a review of Coulter's book Godless (and ads).

Not sure where the "eco-system" evolves from there, but it is clear that Anne Coulter is the krill of the MSM/Blogo-cology.