Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Exit Cheney, Enter Fred Thompson?

Sally Quinn, who knows a thing or two about movie scenarios, is pitching a neat idea for a political thriller in today’s Washington Post: Change the White House casting by replacing Dick Cheney with Fred Thompson.

“Cheney,” she writes, “is scheduled this summer for surgery to replace his pacemaker, which needs new batteries. So if the president is willing, and Republicans are able, they have a convenient reason to replace him: doctor's orders.”

As an actor, Thompson is accustomed to stepping in, as he did in “Law and Order,” and making himself a regular fixture on the show. When he auditions for the starring role next year, Thompson would have a head start.

Best of all, following Cheney’s chew-the-scenery performance, anything Thompson does would be considered under-acting. He couldn’t miss.

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markg8 said...

Sally Quinn is the grand dame of the Washington cocktail party circuit, which in case you haven’t noticed has been dominated, like DC itself for years by Republicans. If she says Repubs are looking for a way to ease Dick out and replace him you can bet there’s some fire behind that smoke.

She's not talking about Republican party nonentities like rightwing bloggers or voters in her article. She's talking about big money donors (see that article the other day about CEOs going to Hillary and Obama in droves?) and politicians who know they'll drown if they keep standing on the deck of Captain Cheney's USS Iraq yelling the ship isn't sinking.

With McConnell and Lugar making noises about pulling the plug on Dick’s favorite war he may not want to be around for the final act. OTH Cheney is a warrior and he’ll most likely fight til the last
breath of the Republican party.

And why wouldn’t Ol’ Fred wanna be Veep for a year and a half? It’s the closest he’s ever gonna get to the White House. And who knows, without Cheney to serve as the fire to Bush’s frying pan impeachment just might go forward and Ol’ Fred might even become president for a month or two.

BTW where do I send my check for the Cheney Memorial? As a Dem I want him remembered for centuries to come.