Friday, May 18, 2007

Bolton Charms British

Now that Tony Blair is leaving, someone will have to take up the slack to protect American interests in Britain. Who better than our suavest diplomat John Bolton?

After telling the Daily Telegraph about the urgent need to bomb Iran the other day, Bolton enlightened the BBC yesterday about Wolfowitz, Neo-Cons and unfortunate British tendencies to act superior.

Asked if the Bush Administration was not a "busted flush" after Iraq, Bolton told his interviewer he was “absolutely wrong” and “anti-American” like “many others on the continent.”

When the anchor protested that he was only posing questions, our former UN Ambassador set him straight, "I know, you're a superior Brit, aren't you?"

He rounded out his diplomatic mission in a predictive mode. Asked if Wolfowitz would leave the World Bank, he replied, "I see you're a gravedigger as well. I'm not at all sure I see that demise happening." Adding that he himself was not one of them, Bolton ventured his opinion that the “Neo-Con adventure” was not over.

“You can’t beat brains,” President Kennedy used to say. President Bush seems to rely more on charm.

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rod dodger said...

Bolton needs to go the way of the other Bush rejects like Libby, Wolfowitz, and Rumdumb...oh waite there all bad. Nicely penned your wiseness.
rod dodger