Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Funny Mustache Man Wants to Bomb Iran

John Bolton, who makes Dick Cheney seem amiable, couldn’t get himself confirmed as Bush’s Ambassador to the UN. He is so disagreeable that, after losing an argument to Jon Stewart about Lincoln, he has left the country and is now stirring up trouble in Britain.

”We must attack Iran before it gets the bomb” is the headline for a story in today’s Daily Telegraph about an interview with him warning that a nuclear Iran would be as dangerous as “Hitler marching into the Rhineland” in 1936.

The story includes Bolton’s hints that he still has powerful friends in the Administration and his revelation that the “Pentagon has drawn up contingency plans for military action and some senior White House officials share Mr Bolton's thinking.”

It might be safer for all of us if Jon Stewart invited him back and gave him a regular slot on the Daily Show.


Anonymous said...

Why we have been quiet so far about Israelis' Nukes while we push others to get rid of them. Our policies of Middle east is going to turn more Muslims againest us.

Anonymous said...

all you left wingers need to take your skirts off, we need to stop IRAN before they stop us