Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Sales Sag for Hillary Sagas?

Too soon to tell, but early signs are that voters are greeting advance tidbits from two tell-all tomes about Hillary Clinton with total ennui.

If so, that may be because Americans feel they already know the worst about the Clintons. After all, how many White House couples have been the subject of a doorstop-sized novel by a pornographic prosecutor like Kenneth Starr?

The books will go on sale in early June, and the real suspense may be over what happens when the authors' book tours cross paths with Sen. Clinton's campaigning.

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dave in boca said...

Balz is one of the Clintons' teaboys in the MSM. The book was leaked by an agitprop expert named Wolfson just before Memorial Day weekend to the pro-Hillary/Billy Jeff WaPo to deaden any media impact. Very clever, and this is the follow-up piece to confirm the well-researched and very insightful books as being irrelevant. The Clinton, Inc. machine rattles on, determined to deprive the American sheeple of their basic rights.