Friday, May 25, 2007

White House MASH Unit

In the Rose Garden press conference, Bush’s Mouth let slip the strategy to protect Bush’s Brain, Karl Rove, while trying to cover Bush’s Posterior, Alberto Gonzales:

“There is an internal investigation taking place at the Justice Department. And this will be an exhaustive investigation. And if there's wrongdoing, it will be taken care of...And I would hope the Senate and the Congress would move expeditiously to finish their hearings.”

This sounds very much like the response to the Valerie Plame outing: Everybody out of the operating room, we’ll take care of it. In that flap, the White House was anxious to cover not only Bush’s Brain but the President’s Phallus, Dick Cheney.

That one ended with the removal of a wart, Scooter Libby, just as this one has led to the scraping off of several Justice Department pimples.

How many anatomy lessons will it take to put a stop to this quackery?


Unknown said...

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