Thursday, May 17, 2007

G.O.P. Charisma Gap

Chasm may be more accurate. If Ron Paul is beginning to look attractive to some of them, Republicans may be drowning in mediocrity. The lineup at their last debate resembled the buffet waiting line at a Rotarian lunch.

The waiting list is starting to lose its sparkle, too. For a while, there was some excitement about Fred Thompson, but he doused it with a dull turn in Orange County, and now he is off somewhere emceeing a Michael Moore roast.

The eager trick puppy of the Party is still jumping into every media lap he can find, but Newt Gingrich looks more like a Las Vegas lounge act than a headliner.

With Rudy Giuliani’s 9/11 halo being pelted by rotten tomatoes from the Conservative cheap seats, McCain mummified in an Iraq cheerleading pose, and Mike Bloomberg and Chuck Hagel showing interest in bookings as Independents, the ’08 stage is close to bare.

Even the critics are beginning to run out of bad show business clich├ęs.

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