Thursday, May 10, 2007

Extra! Jane Fonda Finds Love

We can all rest easy. Jane Fonda’s six-year romantic “drought” is over and, as she approaches 70, she will never again be victimized and dominated by an alpha male like Ted Turner.

She imparted the news to Larry King on CNN last night in the course of plugging her latest book and movie but was admirably shy about identifying the new man in her life, except to reveal that they locked eyes during a book signing, whereupon she lost his card and they found each other only after she made an appeal to have him call during her last appearance with Larry.

Those who find this less momentous than, say, news about the war in Iraq should consider how involved we all have been with Jane Fonda’s life from her emotionally deprived childhood through the disastrous marriages, public scorn for going to Hanoi during the Vietnam war, the best-selling exercise videos, etc. etc.

True, some may find this 50-year reality TV show a touch excessive, but I am reminded of the experience of a friend of mine who, while profiling Jane for a magazine, sat next to her on a coast-to-coast plane trip and spent some time chatting with other passengers.

“How do you do that?” the star asked.

“Well, Jane,” my friend explained, “you have to have some interest in other people.”

That was an idea that had never crossed Jane Fonda’s mind.

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