Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Loneliness of Joe Lieberman

Today’s heart-wrenching news comes from an interview in which the Senate’s most tragic figure reveals the toll his idealism has taken.

Joe Lieberman confesses to “moments of real awkwardness and aloneness” in his stand against Democrats who want to abandon Iraq like Majority Leader Harry Reid whose remark that the war is lost left him “terribly bothered.”

“I hope the moment doesn't come,” Lieberman confides, “that I feel so separated from the caucus” that he switches sides and gives Republicans control of the Senate.

But ever the idealist, Lieberman is soldiering on, taking some solace from his status, “feeling empowered and liberated” despite the fact that his approval rating among constituents has plummeted.

In his new-found autonomy, the Senator even admits to being intrigued by the idea of an Independent for President in ’08. Who could he have in mind?

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