Monday, May 28, 2007

A Theme Park Dick Cheney Will Love

When his new grandchild is old enough, the Vice President can take him to a new British theme park that reflects his world view--Dickens World, where tourists get a buzz from the Victorian squalor that the underprivileged deserve.

This non-Halliburton environment is chock full of rat-infested sewers, ragged beggars, debtors’ prisons, child pickpockets--in short, a tax-cuts-for-the-upper-one-percent version of Disneyland.

Dickens World, 25 miles from London, opens this week just as George Bush’s friend Tony Blair is departing, possibly to head the World Bank. When it comes to pauperizing a population, the British are centuries ahead of Americans who are just getting the hang of it.

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AmericanDreamer said...

Ted Sorensen's fine, short book Decision-Making in the White House contains a preface in the most recently re-issued edition (2005) comparing Kennedy's with Bush's style.

The book might well be subtitled: "Dear George, and other aspirants to the White House: *This* is how it should be done."