Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bush's Tales Out of School

This President leaves no cliché behind. Today he revived the one about the kid who kills his parents and asks for sympathy because he’s an orphan.

At one of the few commencement venues that can’t turn him down, the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, the Commander-in-Chief inspired graduates by declassifying intelligence to show that in 2005 Osama bin Laden was setting up units in Iraq to plan terrorist attacks here.

Scary, Mr. President, but do you think that these young people--or anyone else for that matter--won’t be able to figure out that, if we hadn’t invaded Iraq into chaos two years earlier, that Saddam Hussein, who loathed bin Laden, would never have allowed that gang into his territory?

Now tell us about Goldilocks and the three hijackers.

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