Saturday, May 12, 2007

God's Long Lunches

This is turning into a weekend of movie flashbacks. Watching Bill Maher and Christopher Hitchens congratulate each other last night on their mutual disdain for religion brings back a line from “Peter’s Friends” in 1992:

“If there is a God, he takes a lot of long lunches.”

Which leads to Mitt Romney’s theological discourse on 60 Minutes tomorrow night: The gist is that Romney retains his Mormon beliefs but has lost faith in George Bush over Iraq.

"I don't think,” he tells Mike Wallace, “we were adequately prepared for what occurred. I don't think we did enough planning. I don't think we considered the various downsides and risks."

As for his candidacy, Romney concedes that voters may be troubled by aspects of Mormon history and he shares some of their feelings: “I can't image anything more awful than polygamy.”

Just put it down as one of God’s ideas after a long lunch.

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