Saturday, May 12, 2007

Lou Dobbs' Leprosy Watch

With the national Anxiety Indicator at near-panic levels and so much to worry about, contracting leprosy from illegal aliens is not likely to be in anyone’s top ten.

But not to fear, Lou Dobbs has our backs. The CNN anchor, now a pillar of CBS as well, is keeping a sharp eye out for all the dangers posed by border crossers, even if his work is not appreciated by everyone in the media.

On 60 Minutes last Sunday, new colleague Lesley Stahl had pointed questions about Dobbs’ leprosy statistics, but America’s Protector did not back down and, later in the week, counterattacked on what CNN calls his “newscast.”

To the appalling disfigurement leprosy inflicts on its victims, add to the disease’s toll the toxic effect it can have on thin-skinned anchormen.

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