Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Newt Nipping at Our Heels

The former Speaker is like an aging dog who still thinks he’s a puppy. Every day he jumps up somewhere in the media bringing new bones, yelping, “Me, me, me!”

Gingrich is the reverse image of Al Gore. While a sizable constituency wants the reluctant former Vice President to run, hardly anyone is encouraging the eager author of the “Contract with America.”

Yet here he is growling away about everything: The fired U.S Attorney scandal is “the most mishandled, artificial, self-created mess that I can remember,” the proposed immigration law “the most self-destructive bill for Republicans to be sponsoring that I have seen.”

The Virginia Tech shootings are dropped at the doorstep of “the liberal political, academic and media elites” and a stadium full of graduates at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University gets the raw meat: "Too often, the courts have been biased against religious believers. This anti-religious bias must end."

In all this barking, there is occasionally a provocative idea: Gingrich challenges presidential candidates to agree to nine weekly 90-minute debates after the nominations, each on a single topic with a timekeeper but no rules:

“The gap between the challenges we face as a country and the trivializing of politics as ‘Entertainment Tonight’ is so stunning” that “there’s a substantial public interest in a dialogue and a bipartisan, solution-oriented approach.”

True, but hardly anyone is looking for answers to a disgraced politician who was an “ineffective leader,” even for Tom DeLay.

Gingrich’s true calling may be as a blogger. Get him online and let him yelp away.

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Amicus said...

The internet?

Robert, visit Newt dot org someday. You'll find the Newt buffet!

He continues to think of himself as a conservative thought leader and he continues to use his unique ability to provoke as a way to get attention...