Thursday, May 24, 2007

Mushroom Cloud Man Chides Giuliani

The man who coined “Axis of Evil” and the “smoking gun/mushroom cloud” metaphor about WMD in Iraq is now lecturing America’s Mayor about his “incoherent” position on abortion.

In yesterday’s Washington Post, ex-Bush speech writer Michael Gerson offered his faith-based opinion that Giuliani “has set out his views on this topic with all the order and symmetry of a freeway pileup.”

Invoking the Lincoln-Douglas debates on slavery, Gerson insists “Giuliani has chosen an option that is not an option--a belief that unborn life deserves our sympathy but does not deserve rights or justice.”

Gerson admires Giuliani nonetheless, calling him
“a crucial figure in the conservative movement” who “proved that some of America's worst social problems will yield to competence and reforming zeal.”

Such flattery may not win over Giuliani. Heathens will have to take comfort in the fact that Gerson, hitherto known as “the conscience of the White House,” is no longer dispensing his spiritual wisdom in Bush’s office but at the Council on Foreign Relations where equating fetuses’ rights with those of African Americans in slavery won’t become national policy.

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