Friday, March 02, 2007

"Are We There Yet?"

In our impatience to get to November 2008, we’re like kids twitching in the family car on a long trip. The coloring books and sweet treats are running low, and there’s growing panic in the front seats about keeping us distracted.

They give us word games: Should McCain and Obama have said lives are being “sacrificed” not “wasted”?

They give us joke books: “Mitt Romney’s 101 Positions on Any Issue You Choose” (with pop-up hairstyles).

They give us crayons: Fill in the lines and make Rudy Giuliani look like Ronald Reagan.

Maybe we should just check into the next motel and sleep for 87 weeks.

Clyde Haberman in the New York Times has another idea: an “immediate Mega-Super-Blockbuster primary” so we can get everyone but one Republican and one Democrat off the road.

We may not get there any sooner, but the trip will seem shorter.

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