Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Odds for '08

Presidential polls keep fluctuating, but what about the people who are putting their money where their mouths are—the bookies?

Betting on the next President is heavy these days, even with the distraction of March Madness. The odds vary, but they show a pattern. Using the dispassionate UK bookmakers as a guide, the hard-eyed crowd worldwide has Hillary Clinton as the best bet (from 2-1 to even money) over all with Rudy Giuliani closing in at about 3.5-1.

Runners-up are John McCain and Barack Obama, both at about 5-1 with John Edwards, Mitt Romney and undeclared Al Gore all in the 10-1 range.

If you really are a plunger, you can get 100-1 on Jim Webb, Barbara Boxer--or Dick Cheney.

To protect wives and children of compulsive gamblers, there will be no links here to the betting sites and a bit of paternal advice: Horses and basketball players are more reliable than politicians, and their competitions are mercifully brief.

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