Saturday, March 17, 2007

Knowing It All Leads to Edwards?

This could get me sent to bloggers’ purgatory, talking about information overload.

It may be an age thing, but reading the Daily Kos sometimes gives me a headache: all that detail, all that intricate analysis, all that small type recall how a wise old editor I knew used to respond to some of his staff’s article ideas, “Uninteresting, if true.”

I say this with trepidation since so many intelligent young people participate in and respond to this daily parsing of the granules of sand in the political desert.

But the results of the Kos’s Presidential straw poll give me pause. John Edwards is, by far, their readers’ favorite candidate. How can being so well-informed lead netroot enthusiasts to embrace a vapid (follow the links) candidate who has spent almost as much time running for President as serving in public office?

If a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, what about too much?

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