Saturday, March 31, 2007

Why Chuck Hagel Shouldn't Run

The Senator from Nebraska has a fatal flaw: He’s an inveterate truth-teller and this week, even in his home state, editorial writers and his own political mentor are battering him for voting with the Democrats to try to end the war.

As he watches old Vietnam comrade John McCain twist himself like a pretzel to be all things to all Republicans, Hagel must see that campaigning for President is worse than, to use his own expression, selling shoes. At least that involves trying to make your product fit.

Running as an Independent won’t work either. For that, you have to have an ego the size of Ralph Nader and a complete disregard for whether you’ll be drawing votes away from an anti-war Democrat who might win and stop this insanity.

Just keep telling the truth and voting your conscience, Senator. That’s honor enough in the Bush era.

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Joe Leonardi said...

I think Sen. Hagel should in fact run. He is a genuine conservative, unlike the new wing of the republican party.

I wrote a couple opinion columns concerning this on my site

I invite you to check it out.