Saturday, March 17, 2007

Divorce, Republican Style

Just when it seemed that John McCain was ahead of Rudy Giuliani by 3-2 in the Christian conservatives’ divorce game, the captain of the Straight Talk Express has managed to boot a question on the subject into a flap over racial insensitivity.

Asked yesterday in New Hampshire about divorced fathers’ access to their children, McCain deferred to the courts and added, “For me to say...I’m going to declare divorces invalid because someone feels they weren’t treated fairly in court we are getting into uh, uh, a tar baby of enormous proportions.”

Now McCain has had to apologize for using an expression from the Uncle Remus stories of his childhood that is now considered offensive.

As the marathon ’08 campaign goes on, this family values thing is getting as sticky as...well, whatever.

As someone who literally wrote the book with my wife, a divorce lawyer who now specializes in mediation, I can testify that divorce is a no-win experience in every way. The only surprise here is that, in addition to causing emotional and financial damage, it can be painful politically, too.

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