Monday, March 19, 2007

Gore's Gravitas

This is going to be Al Gore Week, as the former VP and putative President of 2000, comes to Washington to testify about global warming to both the House and Senate.

The media will be filled with hot air, not about the climate but Gore’s Presidential intentions, and why not?

At this stage of the ’08 sweepstakes, he could bring much-needed gravitas to the circus. For Democrats, his entry would make it a three-way race about more than personal style, placing Hillary Clinton’s claims of historical legitimacy and Barack Obama’s future-minded appeal in the context of a candidate with credentials on both counts.

Gore would be subjected to second-guessing on many counts, but his answers would show voters much about his past accomplishments and mistakes--and what he has learned from them.

America needs a serious discussion of more than the passions of the moment aroused during the tenure of today’s atrocious Administration. The news that Albert Arnold Gore Jr. may be trimming down to his fighting weight is welcome to anyone who has serious concerns about the future of the country.

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