Friday, March 30, 2007

Strolling in Iraq

Before Bill Bennett accepts John McCain’s invitation to saunter through Baghdad, they may want to take a look at the Christian Science Monitor report today on “the lawlessness and mayhem” our surge troops are trying to contain in the district they call “The Swamp.”

Last weekend a suicide bomber drove a truck into an Iraq police station near their Gator outpost and killed twenty, and one of their officers reports an “uptick in the number of bodies found in the area after a brief decline that coincided with the start of the US-Iraq security crackdown last month.”

A Time Magazine reporter does back up the Senator’s assertion, “It’s safe for a stroll--if you take two bodyguards and wear your running shoes.”

If Senator McCain decides to go for that walk, never mind a radio host. Take Joe Lieberman.

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