Thursday, March 01, 2007

Draft Cheney!

It’s painful to see the Grand Old Party in disarray, flirting with the liberal likes of Giuliani and McCain when the answer to its ’08 problem has been staring them in the face all this time.

Never mind all the talk about “secondary virgins,” Republicans don’t have to settle for second best: Draft Dick Cheney!

After these years of glorious apprenticeship to (some might say partnership with) George W. Bush, the Vice-President is more than ready to take it to the next level. He is only 66 years young and feisty as ever. A man who can overcome multiple heart attacks and face down Wolf Blitzer should be up for any challenge.

Starting public service as an intern in the Nixon White House, after declining to waste any of his youthful zeal in the Democrat war in Vietnam, Cheney has learned statecraft from the ground up in almost 40 years of Washington combat.

The Republican Party must persuade him to overcome his modesty and shyness to lead the nation to new heights of respect in the world. Start readying those banners and buttons that would say it all: “Dick!”

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