Friday, March 23, 2007

Crooks, Liars and Fools

When new ways to be wrong are invented, politicians will find them. The “People’s House” has just passed a bill requiring the President to bring troops home from Iraq by the end of next year. The bad news is that the vote was 218-212, far, far from veto-proof.

The most liberal Democrats voted no it because it doesn’t go far enough. The most “liberal” Republicans voted no out of loyalty to an Administration that cost them control of Congress last year and will make an endangered species out of them next year.

My own Representative, Christopher Shays of Connecticut, is a prime example of the latter. “This administration has made a countless number of mistakes and dug a very deep hole,” he tells the AP. But in the next breath he says Congress shouldn’t “micromanage” the war and then proposes an amendment “requiring Bush to develop a troop redeployment plan within 60 days.”

As for me, I propose an amendment to my friends at Crooks and Liars: Fools may be in the majority.

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