Thursday, March 29, 2007

It Only Hurts When You Laugh

The news out of Washington today is that Alberto Gonzales goes but Bush will fight Congress to keep the troops in Iraq.

Kyle Sampson’s testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee exposes his former boss as a public liar which, even by Washington standards, makes him ineligible to keep serving as our top law enforcement officer.

The President will let him go, however reluctantly, but he is ready to fight over Congressional restrictions in the troop-funding legislation.

The Democrats, who talk fervently about getting us out of Iraq, have given him ammunition by failing to resist the temptation to load the appropriations with several hundred million dollars of “pork” to deal with local “emergencies” involving strawberries, beets, sugar cane, shrimp, peanuts and, with perfect symbolism, Christmas trees.

While stuffing their constituents’ pockets with taxpayer money, how can they debate the war with straight faces?

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