Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Hammer Nails Gingrich

Washington wrong-doing has been dull since Tom DeLay left. The Bush people are trying, but Alberto Gonzales and Scooter Libby just don’t have the Hammer’s high style.

For the nostalgic, next week will mark the publication of the former House majority leader’s memoir of his triumphs and tribulations before and after his indictment for money laundering and conspiracy.

In today’s Washington Post, Robert Novak the Plame-thrower (couldn't resist) reveals the object of DeLay’s wrath--his former boss Newt Gingrich, now gearing up for a Presidential run.

DeLay labels Gingrich “an ineffective leader” who “knew nothing about driving an agenda” and who “was in no moral shape” to press Bill Clinton’s impeachment because of his own affair with a staffer. DeLay doesn’t like George Bush much either because “no one at the White House” was listening to his advice.

The book, “No Retreat, No Surrender,” with a foreword by Rush Limbaugh and introduction by Sean Hannity, comes out after an in-house flap at the publisher ended with rejection of a proposed jacket showing the Hammer next to a flag and cross.

A recent rumor that DeLay would be hired as a commentator for CNN was quickly squelched, but meanwhile his opinions can be found on the dullest ghost-written blog in history.

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