Friday, March 02, 2007


There is one thing in today’s world that is not over-hyped. The bad news is that you have to wait until late in life to experience it. I speak, of course, about being a grandparent.

When the kids are little, you play with them, then go home and leave the scut work to their parents. Later on, you take them places, and they think you’re wondeful.

It’s one the few things in life that just keeps getting better. Little people begin to emerge from those adorable babies and toddlers, and they are fascinating. Everything they do and say gets replayed in your mind and, if you aren’t careful, you find yourself babbling to I’m doing now.

Today is the eleventh birthday of Baxter and Griffin, and every minute has been pure wonder and joy. I can’t predict which of them will be President of the U.S. first. Then again it might be my sweet Quincy, who is nine and won’t be left out of anything. I’m still planning to take her to the high-school prom over any teen-age body that gets in the way.

When connecting the dots in your life becomes an imperative, the most important are generations. Some time ago, my wife and I moved out of a house we loved two hours away so we could go to the kids’ ball games and school concerts and be with them to give their parents a well-earned night out.

We haven’t regretted it for a minute. Bless you, Brett and Keith, for the gifts of our lives.

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