Tuesday, March 06, 2007

For the Sake of Our Sanity, Will Someone...

Break the news to the Scooter Libby jurors that they don’t have a lifetime appointment.

Let the President know his promises to fix Walter Reed are no more reassuring than his pronouncements after Katrina.

Advise Dick Cheney that long airplane trips without getting up to snarl into TV cameras are not good for his health

Put Ann Coulter on medication.

Suggest to Barack Obama that he not tell the Clintons about his travel plans.

Tell Mitt Romney that, if he’s trying make George Bush look smart by comparison, he still has a way to go.

Find out where Congress is hiding after all that effort to pass a non-binding resolution to wag a finger over Iraq.

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Mary Ann said...

I very much enjoy your blog.

I recently saw your blog mentioned in the Chicago Tribune. Since then, I have been checking in daily.

Thank you...and a Belated Happy Birthday! :)

Mary Ann
Chicago, IL