Thursday, March 22, 2007

Kyle Sampson, Meet Scooter Libby

The Bush White House reverses everything. Instead of captains going down with their ships, as each vessel founders, an assistant is left behind to sink with it: Scooter Libby with the S.S. Plame, now Kyle Sampson with the U.S. Attorney Destroyer.

Like Libby, Sampson has hired a lawyer who is asking for a delay in his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee for two compelling reasons: (1) Alberto Gonzales’ former chief of staff needs more time to review the ton of recently released e-mails, presumably to gauge how much wiggle room is left to shield his boss, Harriet Meirs and Karl Rove and (2) his attorney has non-refundable tickets for his family’s spring vacation.

As Sen. Pat Leahy keeps trying to get Rove and Meirs to appear before his committee under oath, the White House response echoes the succinct suggestion Dick Cheney made to Leahy in June, 2004.

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