Friday, March 23, 2007

Pray and Think

“The perfect is the worst enemy of the very good.”

Someone should put up that sign in the office of every House Democrat who is resisting Nancy Pelosi’s effort to pass a bill setting benchmarks to end the war in Iraq.

That includes the venerable John Lewis, her deputy whip, who is opposing the bill because of his “commitment to nonviolence and his unwillingness to devote more money to the war.”

By refusing to take small steps to the end the war eventually because of his desire to end it now, Rep. Lewis and those who agree with them are doing what millions of Ralph Nader voters did in 2000. They gave us Bush rather than Gore, and this kind of all-or-nothing thinking will just give us what we want least--continuing violence in Iraq.

“Let’s pray about it,” Speaker Pelosi asked him. A little thought might be helpful, too.

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