Friday, May 04, 2007

Hillary Clinton Comes Full Circle on Iraq

“It a lesson to us all,” Sen. Clinton said in October 2002, referring to the “passion and commitment” of Sen. Robert Byrd in opposing the resolution to let President Bush invade Iraq. Then she voted for it.

Now the lesson has sunk in, and she announced yesterday she would support Sen. Byrd’s effort to repeal it.

There will be endless blather about whether the uproar over her refusal to apologize for that vote has moved Sen. Clinton to take this position. Does it matter?

With all the back-and-forthing over the troop funding bill, Democrat have become entangled in tactics to pressure the President into some concessions to signal his understanding that he can’t prolong the war indefinitely.

Now there is momentum toward a yes-or-no choice that might lead to a constitutional showdown: Can he go on with it if Congress withdraws authorization? The Supreme Court might have to decide, but there would be a clear-cut answer.

Last night Barack Obama announced that he was on board. As the train starts to leave the station, others will jump on. Its timetable may turn out to be the one that counts.

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