Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Paying for Iraq

As the President and Congressional leaders sit down today to arm-wrestle over funding the troops, they might take a few minutes to review our objective and what it's costing beyond money.

This is a war so bizarre that we have no way of knowing today whether or not one of our goals has been met--the killing of al Qaeda's leader in Iraq.

What we do know for sure are the names, ages and home towns of Americans who died there this week : Sgt. Glenn D. Hicks Jr., 24, of College Station, TX; Pfc. Jay-D H. Ornsby-Adkins, 21, of Ione, Calif.; Pvt. Cole E. Spencer, 21, of Gays, Ill...

The people who sent them there should talk about the price they and their families have paid and about those who will be paying it tomorrow and the day after that.

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